The Chihuahua is such an interesting breed. From their pint-size bodies to their charming and cheerful disposition. They are very loving and loyal and make great companions. They’re strong-willed and have a lot of confidence, along with a courageous and protective spirit. They’re very affectionate and love attention, but will give the same in return.

  • A loving companion who makes a wonderful travel partner
  • Good watchdogs because of their alert and protective nature
  • Has a long lifespan and can live up to twenty years of age

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How long do Chihuahuas live?

The Chihuahua has a longer lifespan compared to other breeds. They can live anywhere from 12 to 20 years of age.

Why do Chihuahuas shake?

It’s not unusual for Chihuahuas to shake. When they shake it’s due to a plethora of reasons. They consist of nervousness, anxiousness, excitement, hypoglycemia, high metabolism, or they’re upset or their body is cold. Other causes can be allergies or injuries, or more serious things like kidney disease, poisoning, issues with the brain, or generalized tremor syndrome, also known as GTS.

Do Chihuahuas shed?

Considered a light-to-moderate shedder, a Chihuahua sheds every day. This is also contingent upon what kind of hair they have. They can have either a single or double coat, and both will still shed.

Are Chihuahuas hypoallergenic?

Simply said, no, Chihuahuas aren’t hypoallergenic dogs which can make them an issue for those who are allergy sufferers.

How big do Chihuahuas get?

A Chihuahua puppy can grow as tall as 6 to 9 inches tall.

How much does a Chihuahua weigh?

On average, a Chihuahua can weigh somewhere between 2 and 6 pounds.

When do Chihuahuas stop growing?

Typically speaking, Chihuahuas stop growing around their 9th month, but they can continue to fill out weight-wise from 10 months of age up until their first birthday.

Are Chihuahuas aggressive?

Chihuahuas can be aggressive. This aggression can stem from a few factors. One is their size. A few other things can be if they aren’t properly trained or socialized. These two are very key when it comes to owning any dog. Another reason can be fear, and that they can be territorial, especially of their loved ones. They will growl, bark, bare their fangs or bite.

How smart are Chihuahuas?

The Chihuahua dog isn’t listed as one of the top smartest dogs, but when it comes to their intelligence, they possess fair intelligence.

Can Chihuahuas swim?

Yes, a Chihuahua can swim but they’re not a water dog. Because of their small size, this can cause issues with them staying afloat and tiring out, so it’s best to supervise at all times.

Can a Chihuahua be a service dog?

A service dog is one of service. In this case, it would be helping disabled people with particular needs. Chihuahuas can be trained to help, but they also make great emotional support animals.

Do Chihuahuas bark a lot?

Yes, Chihuahuas tend to bark a lot. Like all dogs, they bark, but they bark often, and as a way of communicating. Being natural watchdogs, they’re very alert, in addition, they are very protective and territorial. They will bark when they’re bored, excited, or warning you of something.

What do Chihuahuas eat?

The Chihuahua will eat boneless animal protein-based foods such as beef, lamb, bison, and pork, along with poultry items that include turkey and chicken. Throw in some fish as well. Their food, both dry and wet, should be high-quality product brands. They can have a piece of fruit or a vegetable here and there, but you have to remember, that dogs are omnivores. It’s best to check with your veterinarian to help formulate a diet for your pet and its nutritional needs.


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