English Bulldog

english bulldog

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a loyal and loving pup who’s extremely devoted to his family. He’s very sociable and people-oriented, making him a great companion dog. He’s strong-willed with a laid-back and calm nature. He’s very friendly and happy, and so much fun to be around with his clown-like abilities.

  • Have fun, friendly, and easy-going personalities
  • Loyal, and makes a wonderful companion dog
  • Possesses a sweet, calm, and gentle disposition

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How long do English Bulldogs live?

The English Bulldog lifespan ranges from 8 to 10 years of age.

Do English Bulldogs shed?

Yes, English Bulldogs shed. Because they have short hair, it’s thought to be that they don’t shed, when in fact they do. They’re considered to be average shedders. Their hair is not as noticeable around your home, but it is more noticeable on darker clothing.

Are English Bulldogs hypoallergenic?

Because they shed, English Bulldogs aren’t considered hypoallergenic dogs. The same goes with shedding and thinking because they have short hair that they don’t shed when it fact they do, and they release dander which is bad for those who suffer from allergies.

How big does a English Bulldog get?

Male and female English Bulldogs differ in weight and height. When it comes to height, a female will weigh somewhere between 40 to 51 pounds, while the males can range from 51 to 55 pounds. With height, the males can grow as tall as 12 to 16 inches, and the females range somewhere between 12 to 16 inches tall.

What age are English Bulldogs fully grown?

On average, an English Bulldog isn’t fully grown until around three years of age.

Are English Bulldogs aggressive?

In general, English Bulldogs aren’t considered to be an aggressive breed. If they act aggressively, it’s because they feel threatened, provoked, or treated unfairly.

Are English Bulldogs good with kids?

The average consensus is yes, English Bulldog puppies and adults alike, are good with most children. Their patient and loving demeanor makes them a good choice as far as family pets are concerned.

Are English Bulldogs smart?

Although they’re not dumb, English Bulldogs aren’t labeled as smart, and that’s because they have a bit of a stubborn streak, and sometimes, this causes them to not want to listen or respond to commands.

Are English Bulldogs easy to train?

Because they possess a stubborn nature, the English Bulldog can be difficult to train. To combat this issue, it’s best to start as early as possible by having patience, using positive reinforcement, and being consistent. Make sure you can set time aside every day for training.

Can English Bulldogs swim?

The English Bulldog breed isn’t built for swimming. They have a few physical features that make it difficult to do so comfortably, and those include their body shape, flat face with short nasal passages, and little legs.

Do English Bulldogs have tails?

Although some people think they have docked tails, the answer is yes, they do have tails. English Bulldogs are born with short tails that can be either straight or screwed, and they’re usually short and not easily visible.

Do English Bulldogs drool?

English Bulldogs aren’t chronic droolers. If they drool it isn’t constant and can be caused by their salivary glands. It can be due to a health-related issue or because of their facial structure, loose skin, their jowls, or an overbite, saliva isn’t sealed in. This can also come about when they’re excited or hungry.

Are English Bulldogs good pets?

The answer is yes, this people-oriented pup makes a good pet. English Bulldogs are very friendly and affectionate and have a very easy-going disposition.


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