Social media submissions

True love has fur and four legs!🐕‍🦺

LOVE Instagram stories like these?
Let’s make a video like this for YOUR doggo 🐶 too!

Dogs fill our lives with soooo much unconditional joy and love
that sometimes we’re left speechless!

That’s where videos come in! 🙂

We’ll create a video story (as shown above) for you and your doggo by putting together clips
you submit. Best part is, its absolutely free! Let’s get started!

It’s FREE!😍

Not only is it free..
  • Your video will enter our monthly Instagram contest (only 10 contestants each month).
  • The most liked video will win a cool prize.
All we ask of you is that:
  • You post this video on your social media and tag us.
  • You allow us to post this video on our social media and website for content and marketing.
Terms & Conditions:
  • Central Park Puppies holds the right to use the video anytime on its social media accounts and websites for content and marketing.
  • Your videos will be entered into a contest on our Instagram. One contest a month.
  • 10 Contestants are entered into each month’s contest on a first come first serve basis. And those contestants will be notified ahead of time the contest date.